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How to Gamble on the Lottery

To Gamble on the lottery you must be ready to lose some money.  Most lotteries have an advantage over the player of up to 55% making it almost impossible to be in profit after only a short time playing.  Because of this huge house advantage you must rely on luck of the draw.  If you want to try out your luck for free visit my Free Lottery.

Playing the Lottery is simple you have to pick some of your lucky numbers (in this example we pick 6) out of a range of numbers.  The range of numbers varies by the game because the odds change if the amount of numbers to pick from changes(in this example we will pick from 1 to 49) or the number of numbers the player picks changes.  The winning lottery numbers are drawn at random and are the official winning numbers.  If the winning numbers match and numbers on your ticket you may win a prize but usually you have to correctly guess more than one number to qualify for a prize.  For Example:

Your ticket numbers are:  12, 16, 25, 36, 42, 49
The winning numbers are: 15, 17, 25, 32, 36, 49
You have matched 3 numbers so you have won a small prize.  If you match 4 numbers you prize is bigger and if you match all 6 numbers you win the jackpot.

Lottery Variations
Many Lottery have special incentives to get you to enjoy playing more, some include:

Bonus Numbers: Some lotteries draw a bonus number on top of the winning numbers and offer additional prizes if you can match some winning numbers with a bonus number.  These Bonus Numbers do improve your expect return on investment so the lottery will adjust the prize payout amount to make sure they are making profit.

Additional Jackpots: Some lotteries have additional top prizes that can be won if the main jackpot reaches over a certain amount.  The lottery will draw the winning numbers and then draw multiple sets of numbers.  These sets of numbers are good for a prize if you guess ever one correctly.

Early Bird Specials: Some lotteries that run only once a year will have an additional prize payout plan for those who choose to buy their tickets early.  The top prizes are usually small but add some extra percentage points to your expected return on investment.