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If you want to try online poker, get the NO-DEPOSIT BONUS

How to Gamble Free and Win Real Money

Gambling for Free on the internet is fun and profitable when you know which websites to frequent. Below you will find places that I have found and used to make real money online gambling for free.


The best place to gamble for free and make real money is NoPayPoker. They offer a format that lets you buy, sell and win FreeD. The FreeD is worth real money and is fixed to variable exchange rate. One of the best things about this is it has no house advantage. Even if you already play poker on a different site for real money make the switch and gamble on NoPayPoker, it is worth it. They have tournaments running constantly and some are free to enter. You can rise up in the ranks and become a gambling master or expert while keeping all your winnings and cashing out when you are ready.

A very good poker website called is currently giving $8 free to anyone who downloads the software and signs-up through the program. No credit card needed. Step 1. Download... Step 2. Register through login screen of downloaded program... Step 3. Free $8 play cash games or tournaments.  With tournaments as low as 55 cents and small buy-in cash games, a pro player can turn the free $8 into a very good amount.

Free Lotteries

There are many Free Lotteries you can play online.

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OMG Free Lottery - I know they pay because I run it! Pays PayPal.
BoxLotto - Play 30 tickets per week for a grand prize of $250,000.
FreeLotto - Different types of pick-a-number games worth up to $11,000,000 everyday.